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AutoParts has a team of highly qualified technicians on staff ready to meet all of your auto repair and service needs.

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The Best in the West. Awesome service. Guys are very helpful. My go too back when I use to stay in New Lynn when I needed Tyres or a Puncture Repair. I popped in yesterday in hopes they will be okay with me to check out a nail in my tyre and they are still Awesome! Thank you awesome services.

Ronita Brown

Extremely impressed with the professionalism & timely matter in which the employees handled replacing my two front tyres. They made what could have been a terrible day the exact opposite. Thank you for the excellent customer service from start to finish. We’ll definitely be returning!

Ronnie Kumar

New to New Lynn. Didn’t know which mechanic was good. After having my 1st WOF done my These guys. Had my experience with local mechanics. They have done the very good job. Very nice professional. I like to have my car service by same mechanics. I will highly recommend them.

Danny Kee

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