For top quality old & new tyres in Auckland

 Your safety rides on your tyres.

New Lynn Motors and Tyre Services are Auckland's specialists in new tyres, second hand tyres, and professional tyre repairs. Based in Waitakere, they stock a huge range of quality, new and used tyres and will also take care of all your fitting, balancing and wheel alignment needs. 
Sports car with new tyres in Auckland

Tyre sizes

When it comes to providing a wide range of tyre sizes, we stock:
  • 13” 
  • 14”
  • 15”
  • 16”
  • 17”
We also offer a 1 year warranty on all new tyres, which have a starting price form just $50!

Valve replacement

The valve helps to keep the tyre air-tight as well as being used to inflate the tyre and check its pressure. New Lynn Motors & Tyre Services in Auckland will make sure the valve is checked, and if needed replaced, when the tyre is changed.  

New tyre fitting

Tyre fitting is an important and skilled job that should be left to the professionals. New Lynn Motors & Tyre Services are just those professionals. When fitting your new tyres, they will take care to observe the manufacturer’s guidelines in choosing the best tyres for your vehicle. They work hard to ensure the long life and safety of your tyres. 

Quality used tyres

For people on a tighter budget, New Lynn Motors & Tyre Services in Auckland have a wide range of quality, affordable second hand tyres. They will make sure your second hand tyres suit the purpose for which you are using them, such as:
  • Driving around town
  • Highway driving
  • Low horsepower
  • Performance power
These days, budget and affordability are a very high priority for a lot of people. New Lynn Motors & Tyre Services have a wide range of affordable used tyres to suit all budgets.

Wheel balancing

Wheel Balancing needs to be done each time new tyres are fitted to eliminate vibration. This will prevent premature wear and damage of not only the tyres, but also:
  • Suspension
  • Steering
  • Wheel bearings

Fitting least worn tyres at the rear

When changing two tyres out of four, New Lynn Motors & Tyre Services recommend fitting the newest tyres on the rear axle.

This provides greater safety in the event of difficult situations (emergency braking, tight corners, wet roads etc). The front tyres generally wear quicker than the rear, especially with front-wheel drive which applies to the majority of modern vehicles nowadays. 

Numerous tests have demonstrated that it is easier to control the front axle than the rear. For more information on new tyres, alignment, or any other services, please call us on 09 827 0759 today.

Wheel alignment

Here in Auckland, if New Lynn Motors and Tyre Services find abnormal wear in your old tyres, they may suggest adjusting your wheel alignment. This extra service will prevent irregular and abnormal wear in your new tyres.
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